Netcrawl RPG

Adventure inside of the WorldNet. 

Netcrawl is a TTRPG about adventuring inside a computer system. Everyone goes in, seconds pass in the meatspace as players spend hours conquering a cyber-dungeon - together.

Computers let us wear avatars, skins, and personalities in their online environments, why can't the PCs also do this in a game? Instead of reducing computer system hacking/raiding into a series of specialist character class skill rolls, the entire party adventures forth into the computer to find whatever ICE lies inside protecting the party's objective.

Gameplay is centered around obtaining something from a computerized system. Objectives could be gaining a piece of information, destroying a program or AI, or getting access to other systems. Looming over the players is the constant threat of detection, opposition from ICE (Intrusion Countermeasure Entities) or, worst of all, the attention of god-like AIs.

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